Friday, 5 October 2012

so where have you been for the past forever, man?

busy. a while back, i got an email from richmond (raconteur extrodinaire who wrote the story for the robot-filled-romp we did with renegade arts, TURNING TIGER) asking if i wanted to do a story with him for an upcoming anthology.

it goes without saying the answer was a resounding OHELLYES.

the anthology's a collection of short, one off stories expanding barry nugent's unseen shadows universe (more on that HERE ). goddamn, goddamn do i like playing in this sandbox.

here's a page:

and here's some sketchbook stuff:

i'll be posting some more snippets as we go. at the moment desperately hauling ass so the book can be launched at the upcoming thought bubble con.

in other news, massive congratulations to fellow middlesex ex-pat BEN HENDY on only getting MOTHER FLIPPIN' SHORTLISTED FOR THE THREADNEEDLE PRIZE. if you fancy a spot of art, head on down to trafalga square and check it out. it's a _massive_ show with oodles of fantastic work. you can also vote for the people's choice prize *a nudge nudge wink wink*

fingers crossed!

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