Tuesday, 4 August 2009

don't belive the hype; it dosn't always rain in scotland. infact, i don't think i've ever seen quite so much sun burn and peeling skin as i did at t in the park, the north's answere to reading music fesitval. okay, so tickets did cost an arm and a leg but for three and a bit days of slap up sets, i'd give it two fits in the air.

given a combination of my wack sleeping patterns and a tent that may as well have been pitched on the surface of venus, i had a lot of time to kill in the mornings. thank god for mole skins.

so the specials. gotta admit, beyond 'ghost town' my knowladge of this band is pretty limited. and by limited, i mean none existant. that really didn't matter though. despite the band's combined age of 2,335, these guys had a furvour that was up there with the more energetic performances. okay, so their stuff did get a little samey after a while but watching them run around the stage having a blast kept you hooked.

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