Tuesday, 4 August 2009

kings of leon... this was a bit of a weird one. was super stoked to see these guys since i missed them at reading and everyone was like 'OMG. THEY WERE THE SHIT.' don't get me wrong, the music was awesome but there was a bit of a too cool for school vibe going on (coud be wrong given we were a million miles from the stage but the drummer spent the entier set looking as though he could not give a fuck and popping gum. one of the things i love love love about live music is getting to see people in their element, doing what they love so that kinda killed it)... at least that was until the lead singer opened his mouth (uh, between songs that is).

my freind and i came to the conclusions that someone deffinatly didn't get enough hugs that day. the dude would not stop pouring his soul out to the audience and how much we meant to him. it was a little creepy. there was much cringing on our part.

but then prehapse my friend and i are just souless, unsentamental harpies.

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