Wednesday, 4 January 2012

so the hitchcock poster project got wrapped up a while ago. hurrah! would have posted it here soon but i've been scrambling to get on top of all the other work (least of all the disastertation draft that needs to be in for uncomfortably soon) to acctually get around to doing that. boo!

but oh well, here they are in all their updated glory(?)

(according to the back of the dvd, THAT shower scene took seven days and ten as many cameras to shoot. c-r-a-z-y. also, hitchcock totally poo-pooed the piece of music (you know the one) that bernard herrmann penned to accompany it and didn't want it in the film. fortunatly, hitchcock went off on holiday and herrman slipped it into the final cut. TRUE STORY.

aaaaaaand these old bits of news- NOW WITH ADDED SHITTY TYPOGRAPHY! AWWW YEAH!

was debating adding colour but i don't know... kinda like the black and white. what do you think?

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