Sunday, 29 January 2012

reportage book project stuff. sorry for the drips and drabs-ey nature that these are going to go up in, but my blog seems to wig out when you try and put more that five images to a post. a booooo.

cover wrap -

page one-

wwwwwwwhich are totally going to get swapped around when it comes to re-jigging this thing. and that'll have to happen sometime before our super final assessment because this thing is chock-a-block with rushed visual faux-pas and things that made my tutors toes go a little on the curly side. aw yeah.

but in the mean time, a "new" release from neutral milk hotel? oh my god yes. their front man's touring this year- how i would have given my eye teeth to go see that. except i think we're going to be in antwerp when that's going down. and tickets are, like, £300.
oh well. you'll always have your ipod.

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