Friday, 6 January 2012

so one of the projects i'm currently trying to nail down is this book about all the old shops in muswell. what with everything turning everything into yet another supermarket or ubber bougie hair dressers, they're becoming something of an increasingly rare breed.

anyhoo, some in process stuff. i apparently learnt NOTHING from the last talk with the tutor about this because we are still very much in 'AAAAHHH, LET'S JUST DO A LOAD OF SHIT AND CHUCK IT AT THE WALL AND HOPE IT WORKS' vein of things.

(warning. high levels of funky perspective can induce brain aneurisms)

hopefully going to get the brighton rock project licked today. this is not a lie i tell myself.

p.s. recently discovered you made it weird, another wonderful show on the ever expanding nerdist network. holy shit. this show. it's pretty much just pete holmes sitting down with a fellow stand up and rapping for an hour but oh my stars and garters, is it good. HERE'S A LINK TO A PERTICUALRY FINE EPISODE WITH TJ MILLER . put it in your ears, son.

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