Saturday, 3 November 2012

aaaaaaand here are some more 'boards from that project.

oh! also! in the exciting news department, tales of the forgotten (the anthology richmond and i did a story for) will be BOOKLAUNCHING NEXT MOTHER-FLIPPING WEEKEND AT THOUGHT BUBBLE! i would love love love to be there for this (and to meet all the super great people on the team. and to see some of the amazing guests they've got lined up at the con such as art heroes kate beaton, skottie young, and OH MY GOD FIONA STAPLES.)

here's a very snazzy flyer project architect barry nugget put together:

psst! if you want to reserve a copy (payment by paypal) the prices are:

Tales of The Forgotten £8.50 (92 pages, colour)

to reserve a copy contact or reach him through the Unseen Shadows facebook page or website.

but that's not all on the exciting news front, because next january we're doing a show! myself and a group of middlesex ex-pats, tutors and students are going to be exhibiting work inspired by the works of lewis caroll at the super fly curious duke next january. more details on that VERY SOON but i've finally been able to grab a moment and get started on my piece for the window display we're making. here's a peek:

hmm. now just to do some actual art for it…

so yeah, as you've probably gathered from the links and whatnot that usually accompany these posts, i live on a diet of internet media. i recently stumbled across this series of reviews by the nostalgia chick. here's one in perticular that took a rock to my rose-tinted nostalgia googles. holy shit. the number of times i must have watched milo and otis must rank into the thousands. easily. but never once did it dawn on my five-year-old self ALL THE TERRIBLE THINGS they must have done to those animals.

i also love the fact they made a kids film from an existential japanese piece.

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