Monday, 12 November 2012

so this is part of something in the works. someone got in touch to ask if I wanted to whip up some designs for some t-shirts/prints. seemed like a fine excuse to get some word-play based images off my chest so yeah?

and oh hey, remember this?

it's currently up at the poetry cafe in covent garden as part of an exhibition middlsex put together with poet-come dean, maggie butt. it's part of the book-launch for sancti clandestini, a collection of poems celebrating fictitious patron saints, fully illustrated by the illustration department.

more on that HERE

aaaand if you're feeling like treating yourself, you can snap up a copy from amazon HERE.

the show's running till november 16th so get down there and check out the the rather awesome illustrative stylings of ABI MOULDER, BEN HENDY, FREDRICK EDEN, AMBER COOPER-DAVIES, FRED CAMPBELL and ZANNA ALLEN (amongst a whole host of others) while you can!

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