Tuesday, 13 November 2012

more from the t-shirt/print venture!

i may just be using this as an opportunity to indulge my thoroughly shameless love of all things puny.

ON A DIFFERENT NOTE, i have some friends who do the music thing. they're in a band called kaiho. you can follow their antics OVER HERE.

this week they dropped a shiny new ep on their soundcloud and oh my stars and garters is it good. you should give it a listen.

i know i have.

quite possibly way, way, way too many times since downloading it today.

Everything Seems Worse At Night-time (Idiot Brain EP)

If Jesus Was My Swimming Instructor (Idiot Brain EP)

Charango Song (Idiot Brain EP)

Idiot Braine (Idiot Brain EP)

the crazy part is the you can snap this up for the low, low, low price of OH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AT ALL.

i also had the total honour of playing graphic designer for the ep's cover:

actually, this has been a pretty awesome couple of weeks for my, er… 'photography'. asides from this, a couple of snaps i took of the band gigging cropped up in 'miss robin'- a digital fashion magazine thing. they're part of an interview with sas and and freya and you can give that a butchers OVER THERE.

lastly, a photo i took at amanda palmer's recent koko gig (jesus christ. that was an amazing, intense roller-coaster of an evening) ended up making the rounds on a few blogs. someone even asked if they could buy a print of it which was pretty groovy indeed!

ugh. the stench of self satisfaction coming off this thing is unbearable. oh well. at least you actually have a legitimate excuse for cramming your blog full of photos for once!

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