Thursday, 8 November 2012

since we're clearly just rummaging around in the 'what I did this summer' backlog, here's some more not so fresh stuff. mmm-mmm-mm.

pretty much the moment we were done taking down the degree show, we all got this email asking if we'd like to pitch for a project that... that... oh heck, I can't remember the specifics. all I do remember was that it involved designing a pair of kid- friendly super heroes based on the themes of 'wildlife' and 'transport'.
needless to say, my inner 12 year old was all like "OH FUCK YES".

oddly enough, they didn't go for these mal-proportioned submissions. maybe that had something to do with one half of these looking like kraven the hunter and lion-o's unimaginative love child? who knows.

but hey. you got to draw some superheroes, right?


multi media time! so a few months ago stand up comedian tig notaro performed a set that exploded all over the comedy scene. following a spate of some of the Worst News Ever, ms notaro was diagnosed with cancer. a few days later she went on to perform this.

(the first section of this episode of this american life features a snippet from her set. i've embedded the whole episode though because there's some truly on-the-edge -of-your-seat stuff going in the rest of it)

what a listen. you can get the whole thing HERE I'd strongly recommend checking it out. plus all proceeds from the $5 price tag are going to charity.

till next time...

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