Saturday, 10 April 2010

character designs!

stuff's been going on y'all. despite being all like 'yah! i'm going to blog the shit out of this blog' this week i have been B-U-S-Y cranking out the last couple of pages of turning tiger and finally, after so so so soooooo long, IT'S DONE! *throws hands in the air like she just don't care*

despite that, it's still go go go. i was at hi-ex a couple of weeks ago (a totally sweet convention up in inverness run by richmond clements, writer of turning tiger. you really should all go). i got to hang with a bunch of really cool cats like Gary Erskine ( , Charlie Adlard ( Simon Fraser ( -someone remind me to buy the act-i-vate primer. i took a peek at it in the flesh while i was up there and bloody hell, it was prutty) and got to say hi to John Higgins ( which was particularly mind blowing. i was working on colouring stuff in and he came over to chat about wether or not he should get a wacom. he had a go on mine, drew this and was thoroughly wireded out by it:

aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway, good things came of it. there's going to be more turning tiger and what i posted way back at the beginning of this post is some prep work for an anthology piece by GM Gordan. MAN, i can't wait to get started on this thing!

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