Tuesday, 6 April 2010

page o3

seriously, we came back looking like a particularly lumpy batch of porridge. seeeeeeeeeeeeee-xy.

this is the first time i've picked up acrylic paint in so long. DAMN, i forgot how much fun that stuff could be. it's so fun to be able to really work into something since with water colours it's totally a case of less being more.

in other news i was all like 'MAN I AM TOTALLY GOING TO FINISH TURNING TIGER TODAY' until i realised i'd LOST the second last page. slow clap. there was a moment of raising the fists to the heavens and yelling 'WHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY' in a manner that was just a little melodramatic but then i started redrawing the page. MAN, i'd forgotten just how much i love doing this shit.

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