Sunday, 25 April 2010

page o6

i'd like to thank a combination of ball bust levels of work and shit internet for the lack of updates round the parts. shit internet has been sorted! wish the same could be said of the criminally long to-do list...

more from the book! yes kids, drinking brown smelly water is never, ever a stella idea no matter how much the locals tell you it'll do you a world of good.


still, despite the onset of massive gut rot, that bit of scotland was. so. pretty.

PLUGGERY TIME! oh man, there is sooooooo much good music out there. recently got my mitts on the soundtrack for where the wild things are. so. so. so. SO. GOOD. there is no way in hell you can feel blue after listening to that thing; it's crazy levels of energetic, but then i guess that's what you'd expect from karen o (front lady of the 'yeah yeah yeahs').

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