Friday, 30 April 2010

roughs for our current (and LAST!!!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT. WHERE DID THE TIME GO!?!?!?) project. we've all been given one of the memory books from last term and have to turn it into a two page comic. i ended up with hector's, which is all about a super fun run in he had with airport security this one time. the final version's going to be a lot darker than this one. our special guest tutor (woodrow phoenix. i would strongly recommend checking out his book, rumble strip) told me to stream line it so now it's all about the build up to the rather... ahem... interment search.

(just so you know, i don't think there was any cavity search in real life but we were encouraged to employ a little artistic licensing to the stories we got to spice 'em up).

i cannot WAIT to see what everyone's coming up with.

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