Thursday, 29 April 2010

more backgrounds for animation. gah, these things are (in theory) meant to be in for next wednesday. outlooks looks... mildly improbable? hmm, backgrounds have always been one of those things i've always thought i've kinda fobbed off so to have to focus on them like this has been a super fun exercise and oh my god this post is dull dull dull. let's talk about something else.

went to the last of the london evelyn evelyn gigs on sunday and oh my, was it a good stuff. for those not in the know, evelyn evelyn is the current pet project of jason webley and amanda palmer that involves the pair pretending to be conjoined twins and singing show tunes. you can check some of their stuff out here:

it was a hoot. hats off to those two as well for managing to play pianos, guitars, accordians, drums and ukuleles while wearing the same dress

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