Monday, 5 July 2010

wah. someone sorely underestimated the maximum file upload limit. well. here it is in itty bitty chunks. mostly.


Ben said...

these make me happy alex. and it looks like its in a really nice sketchbook? is it homemade? are you trying to please matins love of bookbinding? i wanna see this in real life and that our fred in the 3rd one down? haha

Alex Moore said...

home made? oh good lord no. i sucked hard at book binding, real hard. the people at moleskin however can make a VERY nice concertina book. the paper's pretty tasty too- it's a heavier weight than the stuff in their normal books so can take way more abuse- uh, i mean love.

and yes, that is a fred you spy with your little eye.

MMM! i can't wait to see what everyone's been doing for this.