Tuesday, 20 July 2010

hoy hoy!

FINALLY made a start on the actual pages of the liberty. caloo-callay! it's a little slow going though since i've found that when i go from thumbnails to laying out the actual pages, i've totally been on the track to doing the one thing that all my tutors have been tut-tutting at (which is being SUPER WANKY and coming up with images that say 'LOOK AT ME- I CAN DRAW' rather than tell a story WHICH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART). also, keep on finding that there so aren't enough hours in the day. DRAW FASTER YOU SLOW POKE.

ah well. i need to check what i can post up here in regards to that. in the mean time, here's a snippet of a wip. good lord, this image is going to get the photoshopped to kingdom-come once it's all said and done (ooh! bust d'em rhymes!).

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