Friday, 23 July 2010

DONE! christ, i've been eking this thing out.

pencils and finals for part of one of the parts of the summer project. i'm making him some tickets for some gigs i've been to since we broke for summer (uh, alex, couldn't you just send these to him separately, thus killing multiple birds with one stone? oh wait, i forgot. YOU'RE A TOTAL WHORE FOR NOT TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT). the lead singer from sigur ros recently put out a solo album and oh my, that thing is the equivalent of musical crack. stumbled across tour dates in time out and snapped up a ticked for that show faster than you can say uh,aren'ttheseguysgoingtobeplayingatbestival?

totally worth throwing caution to the wind. this show was A SPECTICAL. they had incorporated these projected visuals incorporated into the show that really heightened the whole experience. grow till tall gave me fucking chills.

first track from the album. HOLY SHIT, does it put me in a fine mood.

check out the video for this track while your at it (emi frown on embeding though so you're going to have to follow the link -> dig-dig-dig the imagery and editing in this thing.

next up; joanna newsome!

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