Sunday, 11 July 2010

for our joint blog, the doodle caboodle ( the theme for this was dental trauma. i had braces for like, 50 years back in the day. those days are not looked back on fondly.

so you know how in the last post i was all like 'bitch is going to get this shit down today, yo.' well... that was a half truth. i got the anthology story licked (AAAAAWWWWWW YYYYEEEEAAAHHHH!) but the mole skin got totally blown off. there was a reason that happened though. turns out comic book artists/raconteur aficionados gabriel ba and fabio moon are in london for the brazil/ literary festival down at the southbank centre. for part of it, they put together this GIGANTIC mural and there was an open invite for people to come along and help out.

holy. shit. these guys are like two of my art heroes and have had a massive impact on me. i am _so_ glad i caught this and got to take part.

here are some photos. there will most likely be more. my god, it was hot.

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