Thursday, 29 July 2010

second of the three tickets i'm making for part of summer project. this one's for the joanna newsome concert amir and i hit up waaaaaaaay back at the beginning of summer. it was pretty boss. me oh my, that lady plays one mean harp.

i don't know if i'm just confusing lazy colouring with a 'sense of design'. ho hum. heh, in an ideal world, i'm going to get the last one of these done before i have to take off stupidly early tomorrow morning for berlin. likelihood of that happening? roughly -100%

p.s have you been having the same lack lustre reaction to all the stuff for the upcoming thor movie that the rest of the internet and their mum's been having? the trailer's been leaked. i had to stop watching after a minuet. not because it was the total hoke-fest i was expecting, but because it was totally one of those 'oh hai, it's the entire movie in the trailer' jobs. my god,what a dope looking movie it is too.

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albertonto said...

Very warm, I like it. The swirls in the background, the flow of the lines, on her elbows, etc. Very stylized, I like it.