Friday, 3 June 2011

coloured pages from the self initiated. i thought i was going to get 24 of these licked. i did 5. ah well, win some-lose some, right?

it's a bugger though. moseying through SKOTTIE YOUNG'S totally badass blog (speaking of, why are you still here and not checking that shit out? it's HOT!), i came across this pearl of wisdom: that you draw things differently depending on how you're planning to colour them.

this kinda sorta totally blew my mind.

i guess before this, i'd put ALL the emphasis on the drawing and left colouring as an after thought. but thinking backwards like this could lead to such richer results. take water colours- you can actually do so much of the form building with them rather than over-saturating a picture with too many lines. this is something i deffinatly need to remember; such an anal control freak when it comes to drawing and OH MY GOD, THIS IS SO BORING. HERE'S A PHOTO OF SOMETHING FUN INSTEAD.


Fredrik Edén said...

Looks really good :) Are you planning on finish coloring the rest of the self-initiated project?

Alex Moore said...

cheers dude!

survey says... most likely.

i was talking to my buddy who wrote the story about maybe trying to rework it as more of a picture book type thing because his prose is totally awesome and shouldn't take backseat to mediocher drawing. also, it's pretty talky and panel after panel of people flapping there lips might get old....

but who knows!