Tuesday, 21 June 2011

just a heads up. what follows is a totally waffle-y piece of waffle that ran away with itself and has nothing to do with cowboys. there are, however, some links to some rather dope art blogs that are TOTALLY worth checking out.

booked in to work again this week. a while back, i got an email out of the blue from JESS LINARES, who i haven't seen sine we did our foundation at camberwell. if you're stilll reading this, go back and click on that link. girl has CRAZY talent.

but i digress.

ANYWAY, she hooked me up with some rather nice chaps who farm in folk to do things like storyboard commercials for them and what not. i did a stint with them a while back and apparently didn't fuck it up too amazingly because they asked me back this week to help out with some colouring in (dear jess and freya, i take back every crack about geography ever).
it is a tiny bit terrifying though. one thing i learnt from the last time there was my photoshop skills are totally dinosaur. these people were doing RIDICULOUS things with image manipulation that probably saved them 900 hours and resulted in super nice, super crisp pictures (which is totally what their customers are looking for).
i don't know how to roll like that. but it did bring to mind a totally awesome blog post written by recent middlesex graduate, HOLLY EXLEY. read it HERE. she raises some very interesting points about how well these degrees are actually preparing us for the real world. you should read it.... and then go marvel at her totally sick watercolours.


wow, sorry. that was a little bit tl;dr. the super rough cowboy doodles are thumbs for a poster gig (not to be confused with a gig poster. my god, i would give my eye teeth to work on something like that). holy shit. i NEED to find the time to nail this bad boy. this summer is severally schooling me in the fact that i CANNOT juggle projects at all.

speaking of summer, do you remember when it used to look like this?:

god fucking damn, i want to go play with my camera.


matthewrandle said...

your blog is lovely. you inspire me to focus.

Alex Moore said...

wow, seriously? thanks man! how's it going with you?