Wednesday, 22 June 2011


there were some pictures here, but now they're gone.

'painting' over other people's drawings is a bit surreal but my god, it's so so so nice to be in a work environment around other people again. and as much as i love you, drawing-board in my room, you can be a bit of an island.

since this post was as dull as a butter knife, here's the obligatory 101 links to things you should check out:
EPISODE 218: with special guest PETE HOLMES if you like to listen to people ramble about movies, these guys are totally fun.

totally impulse bought this album on the basis of this one song because it's just goddamn funky but alas, none of the other tracks on 'treats' sound anything like this. the rest of that album sounds like FIGHTIN' ROBOTZ WITH LAZORZ. i still can't work out if that's totally awesome or not.

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