Thursday, 16 June 2011

for our group blog,THE DOODLE CABOODLE. theme this time round was "If one of my bodyparts was a ______". this one's for you, twat-tastic MC. a while back, we went up to oxford for the vaudeville rave. the music was totally aces and everyone (bar us) was fabulously dressed. but the guy running the show. oh my god. everything he said took like 9,000 HOURS because each sentence had to be punctuated with a flurry of noises that sounded like android hell.

it was... mildly frustrating.

p.s while i like to look all sophisticated and intellectual posting links to ted lectures and documentaries about economic meltdowns, my real bread and butter is super dorky podcasts about THE nerdiest shit you can imagine. the NERDIST PODCAST is one such show. but oh my god, this thing is hilarious.

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