Monday, 27 June 2011

for the group blog, DOODLE CABOODLE. the topic this time round was 'dream', which seemed like the perfect excuse to draw semi-submerged-bald-statue-men andOH HAI I THINK I SEE A MOTIF APPEARING. LOL WUT A HACK.

aaaaand in the spirit of blogging about things waaaaaaaaaaaay past the fresh news expiry date, this happened:

so a while back ben folds, amanda palmer, neil gaiman, and damian kulash (of ok go) got together and decided to collaborate on album as part of the ReThink music conference. they gave themselves eight hours to put it together from scratch. and all the tracks were going to be based on suggestions from twitter.
HOLY MOLY, THAT'S BALLSY. but in the end, they got a totally fun package out of it. check it!

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